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Renewable Energies

By promoting the use of renewable energy, the company developed assets with high added value, being considered as a key point for safeguarding of planet’s resources.The specific contribution that IMI Fabi is currently offering to the development of renewable energy within the country is divided into four main fields:


Solar energy – thanks to the realization of a photovoltaic park located in Pianfei  near Cuneo in northern Italy.
Hydroelectric Energy – through the participation of 30% of the hydroelectric project along Mallero stream whose entry into service is planned within the next two years.
Wind energy – through a feasibility study for testing the possibility to build a wind farm near the Sa Matta mine near Nuoro and  eventually include it in a broader environmental restoration plan.
Thermoelectric energy - in 2014 a cogeneration plant started up at IMI Fabi’s site in Postalesio, thereby giving it  partial electric independence and at the same time the opportunity to reuse the heat generated in the talc production cycle
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