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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Corporate Social Responsibility is the responsiveness of business to stakeholders.
This process, following the “after process obligation” model (Carroll, 1993 ), has basically four dimensions:

Economic - to finance CSR maximizing sales and minimizing costs.
Legal - to comply with the law at all levels.
Ethical - to apply a code of ethics.
Philanthropic - to support social activities by promoting education, sports, health and charitable activities.

IMI Fabi’s guidelines state that the Corporate Social Responsibility, together with a responsible and transparent communication strategy are essential in the company’s policy. The corporate vision at IMI Fabi is to maintain sustainability all along the value chain and in all processes. This allows IMI Fabi to improve the company value chain in terms of environmental compatibility.


IMI Fabi aims at optimizing resource efficiency by reducing consumption, minimizing environmental impact, reducing waste, cooperating with local communities, minimizing carbon footprint.

IMI Fabi develops innovative products with limited environmental impact.
IMI Fabi preserves biodiversity through the creation of two nature trails.
IMI Fabi aims at the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) resulting from the daily operations.
IMI Fabi promotes the use of renewable energy, the company developed assets with high added value, being considered as a key point for safeguarding of planet’s resources.

Corporate Social Responsibility is further safeguarded by several systems of management such as: Quality assurance, Health, Safety and Environmental assurance and Energy management together with codes of ethics and equal opportunity policies.
The integrated systems of management are the pillars of the corporate culture, which aims at continuous improvement.
IMI Fabi supports social activities like education, recreational groups, social and humanitarian associations and conservation of artistic heritage.
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