TEL: (+1) 304 233 0050 | AREA: EMEA | NCSA | JAPAC

Why IMI Fabi

A Company with a soul 

IMI Fabi  is constantly searching for qualified people, being aware that the professional experience of employees are unique and valuable for IMI Fabi’s group growth.

Together towards the same goals

A key factor in IMI Fabi’s strategy is to create a winning team, in order to pursue cohesively its corporate targets.The recruitment process has several stages in order to check candidate’s professional skills and guarantee neutrality during the evaluation phase. Interviews take place individually, ensuring the applicant’s expressivity.

Respecting everybody 

Specific training programs allow a gradual work placement of the incoming talents and the alignment to the corporate's procedures. IMI Fabi ensures equal employment opportunities and implements social policies in compliance with the mandatory regulations.

Sustainability for a better future

IMI Fabi constantly promotes a culture aiming at sustainable development, aware that today’s behaviour will affect the future generations.
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