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Building construction

Selfleveling compounds & screeds

Selfleveling compounds and screeds are used in nearly all constructions where flat,

hard-wearing floors are required to smooth irregular surfaces for preparation of any

finished floor materials like carpet, tiles, parquet or vinyl.

Using selected talc products out of the IMI Fabi portfolio, special requirements of easy flowing

substances to improve selfleveling, reduced sedimentation in nodular fillers and

high flexibility with good compressive strength can be achieved

The lamellar structure and chemical inertness of Talc enhances cracking resistance and

supports reduction on shrinkage.

Wall fillers & jointing compounds

The application of wall fillers and jointing compounds requires several specific properties, which can be improved with functional fillers like talc.

The IMI Fabi product range offers several possibilities with the right balance of lamellarity,

particle size distribution and oil absorption to reach significant improvements in

mud cracking resistance and the smoothing of any irregularities. Beside these aspects

an excellent adhesion and sandability is provided, especially when used for gypsum

boards, before any final decorative process.

The IMI Fabi talc range includes highly specialised white products which are an option in the cost-effective single coating applied as a final decorative painting

IMI Fabi talc grade Example of application
RM5 Self levelling compounds
CHS6/CHD6 Wall fillers & Jointing compounds

Customer support

Our team is keen to support customers in selecting the most suitable talc grades relevant to their final applications
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