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TALC for antiblocking

Over the years, IMI Fabi has developed a specific range of products for antiblocking of polyethylene films

In the production of Polyethylene films, the film layers have a tendency to stick together.
This phenomenon is called “blocking” which makes separating two films very difficult. To reduce blocking, film manufacturers add small concentrations of inorganic minerals to reduce the contact surface between the film layers making them easier to separate.
IMI Fabi Talc is a mineral that provides such function in polyethylene films. Because of the typical mineral properties (platyness, liphophillicity, low abrasivity, hydrophobicity and chemical inertness), IMI Fabi talc offers a cost-effective set of properties to be used in polyethylene film applications.
The most known application is in LLDPE films, but it can be used in HDPE or in other polymeric films to achieve antiblocking effect.
The high pureness of talc and tight particle size distribution of IMI Fabi talc grades contribute to maximize the effectiveness of other typical additives normally used in film processing such as lubricants and stabilizers.

IMI Fabi Talc grades for antiblocking of polyethylene film

IMIFabi offers a family of products specifically engineered for such purpose. NB No-Block additives grant the best properties trade-off.
NB140 and NB240 are recommended for use in LDPE and LLDPE films. The typical loading is in the range of 1000-10000 ppm. NB140 is addressed to films having thickness below 20 μm while NB240 is more indicated for PE films thicker than 20 μm.
NB140 and NB240 provide the desired reductionin blocking force required to easily separate film products. At comparable loading the NB grades exhibit properties equal to or superior to competitive talc products commonly used for this application.
When antiblock superior performance are requested in combination with good clarity, IMI Fabi offers anovel functional additive developed to maximize antiblocking effect in Polyethylene films. NB240T provides outstanding antiblock properties even at smaller loadings. The recommended concentration is in the range of 500-5000 ppm.
All NB grades are suitable for food contact applications and they are silica free. For an easier bulk handling and to minimize dusting, they are available in compacted form as well.
Hexene LLDPE
Control NB240 Standard mineral antiblock High efficiency mineral AB NB240T
Loading [ppm] 0 3000 3000 2200 3000
Haze* 0 -19.8 0.6 4.1 -25.0
Yellowness* 0 -25.0 201.6 65.6 -32.8
Blocking force* 0 -49.2 -48.3 -79.2 -84.2
* % variations vs. control
IMI Fabi talc grade Typical loading [ppm] Example of application
NB140 1000-10000 LLDPE, LDPE,HDPE Suitable for films thinner than 20 µm
NB240 1000-10000 LLDPE, LDPE,HDPE
NB240T 500-5000 LLDPE, LDPE,HDPE

Customer support

IMI Fabi has an application laboratory dedicated to polymer applications. Our team is keen to assist polymer manufacturers in selecting the most suitable talc grades relevant for their final applications.
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