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Case Study - Mine of Sa'Matta

Title: Sa Matta Mine nature trail - increasing the awareness of biodiversity treasures Context: 

Context: IMI Fabi  follows a code of practice consistent with policies of sustainable development. The company supports several programmes aimed at biodiversity conservation and builds on its previous successful experiences - ref.: Brusada-Ponticelli mine in Lanzada (SO). The Sa' Matta Mine biodiversity project consists of the creation of a nature trail located in the charming Mediterranean area adjacent to the Sa' Matta mine with the aim to increase awareness about life form varieties within this specific geographic region.
Solution: a careful analysis of the environmental aspects of the area around the Sa' Matta mine has been carried out, whereby the locally most widespread trees and shrubs were identified. Next, the educational trail was designed along a lake and up the hill,  opposite the mine entrance. A floating pier was positioned on the lake and is used as an observation deck. Information panels have been placed at key locations along the trail, highlighting the natural resources of the area.  Another observation point has been built on top of the hill, from where one can enjoy a spectacular view, showing the mining activities below.
Results:  The Sa' Matta nature trail has become an educational trail, with its 8 panels  describing the main characteristics of this habitat and pointing out its natural aspects: information on the local fauna and flora, the pond’s vegetation, the Mediterranean low and high scrubs, as well as the site’s restoration techniques and mining activities. This allows for self guided tours designed to teach the viewers about the biodiversity they are seeing with information they will remember long after their visit. This is a great way to show how mining activities can go hand in hand with the beauty and biodiversity of Mediterranean vegetation.

Partners: Dr. Maria Grazia Cicardi - naturalist and Dr. Federica Gironi – naturalist
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