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As a chemically inert substance talc can besafely ingested making them ideal carriers in feed premixes . Thanks to both high hydrophobicity and lamellar shape, talc can be actively used as functional filler in animal feeding  to minimize the clump formation in sticky products or to lubricate dies during formation of pellets.


Because of its high lamellarity and hydrophobicity, talc is suitable to formulate many different compounds to be used in agriculture for different purposes such as for herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and fertilizers.  It works as both a carrier for chemicals and/or as filler to optimize the cost.  Talc contributes to keep the active substance in place during its actions. 
IMI Fabi Talc grades Example of applications
Fluimas C Anticacking agent for animal feeding
SM4 Herbicides and insecticides

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Our team is keen to support customers in selecting the most suitable talc grades relevant to their final applications
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