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TALC in industrial coatings

Over the years, IMI Fabi has developed a broad range of products suitable for industrial coatings

Industrial Coatings encompass large varieties of paints.
These paints are designed to ensure the complete protection of several types of substrates such as metal, wood or plastics in highly demanding environments.
Such substrates are used in numerous applications ranging from automotive to marine coatings, joinery, wood furniture, toys, and also for all sorts of other general purposes.
Increasing concerns about the environment and health have lead to the development of sustainable systems.
Because of their natural hydrophobicity, inertness and platy structure, IMI Fabi Talc helps manufacturers to meet the new critical requirements of coatings.

IMI Fabi Talc grades for industrial coatings

Protecting substrates of any type is very important for economic, environmental and safety reasons.
This requires manufacturers to make specific choices about the proper ingredients to be used in order to respond to such demands while meeting their industrial and commercial goals.
Thanks to its natural characteristics including the platy structure, chemical inertness and hydrophobicity, talc is recognized as a functional filler by the formulators of industrial coatings.
By combining the widest range of mineralogical varieties found on the market, with its state of the art size reduction technology, IMI Fabi offers a broad range of talc that meets most requirements of paints and coatings manufacturers.
Amongst IMI Fabi’s varieties very pure talc, talc chlorite and talc magnesite can be found.

IMI Fabi’s typical range used in Industrial Coatings

IMI Fabi Talc Grades Examples of application
CM1P - CM2P Primers - Marine & Protective coatings / Automotive / Wood
CM3 Primers - General industry
CHD2 - HTP3 Primers - General industry Anticorrosion - Wood pigmented
CHD4 - CHD6 - HTP3/7 High solids - Marine & protective Primers - Renders
HTP1 - CHD05 Top coats - General industry Wood Varnish
IMI Fabi talc is used in highly diversified applications such as:
• Water- and solvent-based coatings;
• High Solids/ Low V.O.C. coatings;
• Primers and top coats;
• Thin and thick layer systems;

By a careful and appropriate selection from the IMI Fabi portfolio, you can choose grades which:
• Actively support the protective properties of industrial coatings;
• Help reduce V.O.C. emissions;
• Control the rheology of paints therefore containing ‘sagging’ and adjusting viscosity;
• Contribute to the appearance of coating sthrough gloss regulation;

Customer support

IMI Fabi has a research laboratory devoted to coatings applications. Our team is keen to assist coating costumers in selecting the most suitable talc grades relevant to their final applications.
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