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Talc is a mineral  that can be found in nature  together with other minerals, forming rocks called soapstone, steatite or talc schist.  IMI Fabi’s mining and manufacturing sites  in Europe, Australia, North America, China and Pakistan are able to supply customers in the long term and on a global scale. IMI Fabi’s products and application know-how are set to offer the best talc grade optimizing the supply chain.  

talc is a mineral of choice in many industrial uses

What is Talc?

Talc is an hydrated magnesium silicate, belonging to the subclass of phyllosilicates. Its crystals are thin and lamellar forming, when massive, wide range of colours (i.e.: white, pink, green, grey or black). Talc can be found in various grades, different by purity, colour and lamellarity. Its main characteristics are: it’s naturally hydrophobic and lipophilic, it’s chemically inert, resisting very well to acids and bases; it's the softest mineral; it’s a good electric and thermal insulator and it’s neither flammable nor explosive. Thanks to these characteristics, talc is a mineral of choice in many industrial uses.

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