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Eco-friendly and sustainable applications in plastics.


The need to develop eco-friendly and sustainable applications in polymers has become more and more relevant, in a world where ecosystems are required to be preserved and CO2 emissions to be reduced.

 As many thermoplastic polymers have an intrinsic long-term durability, the necessity to redesign their
 "second life" to minimize their impact on the environment is therefore crucial.

In this respect, IMI Fabi offers proven solutions to improve properties in recycled plastics to achieve the desired set of properties.

Talc is in fact a perfect modifier for many recycled plastics thanks to its high lamellarity together with its hydrophobic behavior. This functional mineral therefore increases plastic rigidity, minimizes molding shrinkage, mees both economic and environmental sustainability standards with reference to recycling in plastics.

For all the other applications where a compostable plastic is required, IMI Fabi offers eco-friendly solutions to improve performances of biopolymers for outstanding results.

Plastic recycling is carried out by reusing plastic parts coming from either urban waste collection or industrial scraps. IMI Fabi talc grades GT  can offer an excellent opportunity to enhance rigidity, lowering molding shrinkage at a sustainable modification list.

Due their off-white color,  GT  grades are perfect for dark and black formulations.

When recycled polymers must comply with very strict specifications, more engineered talc grades shall be used.

For example, CHX grades turn out to the perfect choice. Furthermore, such grades are suitable also for light colored compounds.

Biopolymers are also employed for industrial composting in order to achieve better environmental sustainability.

At this purpose, IMI Fabi has defined a specific range of products suitable for biopolymers modification, designed to maximize final performances, in the frame of their specific lifespan. 

In these cases, micronized talc grades are used for suchapplications: for instance, HTP grades are recommended both for rigid andflexible items. Whereas for demanding applications,  tailor-made solutions can be found, especially when food contact regulations (especially migration) are very stringent.

Talc, is also a very good nucleating agent in semi-crystalline biopolymers such as PLA, because it increases the crystallization temperature as well as enhancing thermal properties.

IMI Fabi Talc Grade Example of Application
GT General Purpose Reycling 
CHX05c High-end automotive recycling 
HTP05c Biopolymers flex shopping bags
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