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IMI Fabi produces a complete range of pharmaceutical grades that guarantees both high purity and fully compliance to the Pharmacopoeias. Talc works as an excipient in pharmaceuticals: being Inert and safe, IMIFabi talc products are used in pharmaceutical preparations.


Thanks to its hydrophobicity and its lamellarity, talc is used as an ingredient in cosmetics; our products are used as matting agents in face-powder and make-up and as thickening agents in liquid preparations and other applications for cosmetic


Being safe and inert, IMI Fabi talc is a perfect filler for chewing gum; thanks to its platyness, lubricant properties and natural hydrophobicity is broadly used as anti-sticking agent to prevent agglomeration of other ingredients. Our food grades are in compliance with Food Chemical Codex, Directive 1995/02/EC, 2008/84/EC.

IMI Fabi Talc Grade Example of  application
Pharma-S-20 Sun screen products
Pharma S, Pharma-S-20, 3355D Make-up
1656 Creams
HTP4_553b Food additive

Customer support 

Our team is keen to support customers in selecting the most suitable talc grades relevant to their final applications
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