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PRE UK 2015

The PRE Plastic Recycling Exhibition was held at the International Centre in Telford, United Kingdom from June 16 to 17, 2016. The exhibition included three events PRE, PPS and PDM all addressed to Plastic Recycling Industries.  IMI Fabi was present with a dedicated booth being talc  a perfect modifier for recycled material since it can boost mechanical properties minimizing the impact on formula cost. Because of the high lamellarity, talc is able to provide high stiffness, fast processing cycles and low molding shrinkage. Talc provides excellent dimensional stability as well. Therefore, talc is the right modifier for high end recycled products as well as for disposable applications where cost becomes the main property. Talc is perfect for polyolefin modification, but it can be used for many other recycled polymers, where high rigidity is requested. During P.R.E., IMI Fabi presented its talc range dedicated to recycled polymers.

Booth G003

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