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National Mine's Day 2018

The tenth edition of the National Mine’s Day was scheduled for this year on 25 and 26 May 2018.

Several events, including exhibitions, conferences, workshops and guided tours, were sponsored by the Superior Institute for the Environmental Research (ISPRA) and promoted by the Ecomuseum of Valmalenco, mainly aimed at promoting the geological tourism of the area, which its mining tradition represents a very important reality even at an international level.

The event ended up on May 26 with the amazing concert of the songwriter Davide Van de Froos at the Brusada-Ponticelli mine.  Many people gathered for attending the unplugged version of its famous playlist. The songwriter celebrated through tales and songs  the miners and their precious job which has changed over the years, but still important for the culture and economy of the Valmalenco area. 

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