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European Minerals Day 2023

A wonderful and expected recurrence for the European Minearls Day this year 2023. This is the one of the most important event in the mining sector, promoted by many associations and companies. On this occasion, the stakeholders are able  able to consolidate their dialogue regarding the best practices adopted in the aforementioned branch also thanks to the substantial participation of visitors. The mining sector is strategic for the global economy, allowing to develop innovative products, creating a very important industrial network and attractive job opportunities. IMI Fabi, as a leading and reliable partner in the production of talc functional minerals, interact with all the stakeholders with specific interest to the ESG culture within the company, where social corporate responsibility is translated into a constant monitoring of governance, social and environmental activities. Several, the requirements that our society shall face in the coming future for an economy with a low carbon footprint impact, where more and more automated processes will be compulsory for limiting wastage during the life cycle, investments in energy resources required and the design suitable to meet challenges from the market, as lightweighting and compostable polymers.  

“ We are fully aware of our responsibilities in this  ecological transition and therefore would like to share  during the Mineral Day, the sustainable culture that characterizes all the activities of IMI Fabi’s group – says Corrado Fabi  (CEO) -  in fact we have just published our first Sustainability Report, this is also to undersign a synergic relationship with all the stakeholders. This document lists - continues Corrado Fabi -  the activities carried out over the years in terms of sustainability with particular focus on governance, social and environment impact. We are,  particularly proud to share these principles with the pupils that  visited us during the mineral day. 

IMI Fabi is pleased joined  this initiative in three different sites. Activities were planned in Lanzada (SO) at Brusada-Ponticelli-Valbrutta mine, in Orani (NU) at the Sa’ Matta mine and in Uikhoven in Belgium at the production  plant. 

"Pepitus goes green" is the title of the event dedicated to schools. In particular, the primary schools of Chiesa in Valmalenco (SO), Colorina (SO), Caiolo (SO) and Montagna Piano (SO), were able to participate in workshops dedicated to  production processes and ESG policy of the group; whereas  the days 27th  and 28th  September 2023, some of the classes mentioned visited  the Brusada-Ponticelli-Valbrutta mine, testing on the field all the sustainable practices adopted daily by our team. In Orani (NU), on the morning of friday 22 september 2023, a class from Orani secondary school will participate in the guided tour at the Sa' Matta mine, aimed at the knowledge of local resources and the sustainability of their recovery according to ESG criteria. The following day, guided tours were planned and were open to the public also in occasion of the local event of  "Cortes Apertas". Finally, in Uikhoven (BE), as many as 100 pupils from the secondary school in Neerharen, Boorsem/Uikhoven and Rekem, visited  the plant to gain a better understanding of the processes of talc production, the relative fields of product application, at the same time analysing key sustainability concepts and ESG principles.

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