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IMI Fabi’s brand main asset is innovation. IMI Fabi is  in fact  adopting  the lean thinking model in order to offer high value-added products for quality innovation and sustainability thus remaining highly competitive in the market.  

This model is applied to the entire value chain. For instance  people  are constantly trained in order to develop high-qualified assets and each process flow is fine-tuned, monitored and measured in order to achieve the excellence.


IMI Fabi believes that the experience scale can add a real value in the supply chain.

Employees’ mind set is forged to be independent and create future passionate leaders able to transfer their experience scale as well.

Processes are therefore tailored made by managers in order to potentiate structures and equipment.

IMI Fabi pays particular attention to R&D being a  point of strength of the group; investments create high quality and innovative products with the target of being the first to market. The company provides R&D department with adequate financial and technological resources  to develop and implement innovative products with limited environmental impact.

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