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National Mine's Day 2022

The fourteenth edition of the National Mines’ Day has just taken place. For this occasion, the city Hall of Lanzada has planned several events, all aiming at promoting the geological tourism by coordinating them along the valley.

This initiative is a part of a bigger project called B-ICE Heritage, the interregional  project that highlights geological resources both in the Italian and Swiss areas around the Bernina Peak, Valmalenco, Poschiavo, Engadine and Val Bregaglia.In this wonderful frame, the economic and cultural resources of these valleys,  together with their working heritage,  have been therefore duly described.

The program was conceived with different activities and workshops aiming at teaching the ancient art of soapstone and serpentine sculpturing and several guided tours to quarries, mines and museums.

In particular, new exhibition spaces of Bagnada Museum were therefore inaugurated on Friday 27th may 2022 as new digital effects were developed in order to be in line with the current users, together with tours planned for the following day at the disused mine of Bagnada located just above the Museum. Whereas the Brusada-Ponticellimine has been the center of guided tours on May 28, 2022   to dip the visitors into an awesome journey inside the mine, revealing its new technologies and showing brand new typologies of equipment.


IMI Fabi was therefore glad to be part of these events showcasing how best practices are  put in place on regular basis.  

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