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Minerals Day 2015

Brusada - Ponticelli Mine & Sa' Matta Mine.

The Minerals Day has become a “cult” in the mining sector. Its fifth edition, was planned in the end of September 2015, promoted by more and more associations and supported by a growing number of manufactures thanks to the excellent results achieved in the previous editions. The main target of the global event is to spread a sustainable culture within the mining sector, pointing out the importance of the mining activities in terms of gross domestic product. The mining industry is a strategic branch in Europe, able to use advanced technologies enhancing product innovation and therefore extending its life cycle. The green economy can employ industrial minerals for instance to modify biopolymers having low carbon footprint or recover plastic waste of post-consumer materials. Specifically, talc has an average recycling rate equal to 60%. Thanks to Horizon 2020, promoted by the European Union, it is now possible to access to specific funding aimed at promoting research and development. Innovation becomes the main asset throughout the value chain.

The Minerals Day is therefore a great opportunity to enhance the synergy between the stakeholders, illustrating the sustainable footprint in the mining sector as regards to resource efficiency, innovation, renewable energy, recycling, biodiversity, with a specific focus on safety in this edition. “The corporate’s competitive advantage is strengthened by adopting sustainable and safe best practices towards the stakeholders involved in the business process – asserts Corrado Fabi, Chief Executive Officer at IMI Fabi – this year in fact, we reached a new important target thanks to the achievement of the energy management certification (ISO 50001-2011). Furthermore, in 2014, a cogeneration plant started up at IMI Fabi’s site in Postalesio, thereby giving it partial electric independence and at the same time, the opportunity to reuse the heat generated in the talc production cycle”.

25/09/2015: “Let’s color the mine,” was the event addressed to the schools. The children visited Sa’ Matta and Brusada-Ponticelli mines and the related natural trials.

The naturalist Federica Gironi asserts: “”The dynamic nature of vegetation and its relationship with biodiversity are the themes proposed both to schools and adults this year. The ecosystem approach helps us to understand that the worldwide populations and related diversities are involved in balancing the natural capital conservation, its resources and benefits”. The event also promotes a contest among the students, they shall supply a drawing representing the mineThe head of secondary school of Orani says :” this cooperation started in the past and is still part of the current dialogue with all the stakeholders who are increasing the territory relevance. It’s part of the school’s mission to sensitize students to appreciate the territory resources as Sa’ Matta mine. The teaching staff of B.Credaro elementary school is enthusiast with IMI Fabi’s program: “ The project addressed to the children- says the project manager Laura Lainati – is part of a broader environmental education plan, the children are very excited of visiting the mine and ready to be young miners”. Great excitement also Lanzada primary school “This event enabled the children to, know mining activities and environmental aspect – says the coordinator Angela Giardini – the students will interact with experts in different social contexts and experience their creativity, using colors and different techniques”.

26/09/2015: “Tune in to the mine,” was the open day for visiting the mines and their nature trials with particular emphasis on sustainable practices at IMI Fabi’s sites. “We strongly believe in these events – says the mayor of Lanzada Marco Negrini – which are real opportunities to know our historical roots and an opportunity also for tourists, as highlighted by people visiting Bagnada abandoned mine The Minerals Day is an important event for the students who will visit the mine, and a great opportunity for the school to integrate the training programs of our youngest citizens.”IMI Fabi attended also the event Cortes Apertas at Orani and was present with a booth positioned at the former Library “Mount Granat on 26 and 27 September 2015. Furthermore, in 2015, IMI Fabi, took part to the 7th Mine National Day in Sondrio Province. The Brusada-Ponticelli mine was open all the day long, the success of this event was crowned thanks to the concert of the pop-jazz singer Joana Zimmer and a great performance of the Valmalenco children’s choir.

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