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Talc for Lightweighting - Free Webinar

the brand new webinar conceived by imi fabi aims at showing lightweighting strategies for weight reduction in plastics using talc products. 

Mr. Piergiovanni Ercoli Malacari will explain and analyse  with you the different strategies to employ engineered talc products in lightweighting, especially in automotive formulations. 

It is of paramount importance to select the right IMI Fabi  talc grade to optimize the best trade-off and therefore maximize the weight reduction,  according to one of the the following three strategies:

density reduction


- Welcome and introduction
- Talc for lightweighting strategies in weight reduction
- Q & A
Region/Country Webinar timing (local hours)
JAPAC 04:00  PM (UTC+8; China, Singapore; Western Australia)
EMEA 2:00 PM (CET; UTC+1; Italy, France, Germany)
South America 10:30 AM  (UTC-3; Brazil, Sau Paolo, Argentina, Uruguay)
North America 11:00 AM (UTC-5; EST - Eastern Standard Time)
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