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TALC for white goods

Over the years, IMI Fabi has developed a specific range of products for whiteware applications

When extremely high mechanical performance together with high whiteness are requested, IMI Fabi talc plays an important role.
Applications related to washing machines, tumble dries, dishwashers, etc. where several white colored parts are present, must provide excellent mechanical performances in combination with the proper resistance to high temperature sand an outstanding long term heat aging behavior when in contact with detergents.
In fact, the high lamellarity of talc associated to its superior whiteness and pureness make IMI Fabi talc the perfect ingredient to boost polypropylene rigidity for many whiteware applications providing, at the same time, the perfect balance of the other properties as dimensional stability, inertness to detergents, mechanical resistance to high temperatures and outstanding appearance.
IMI Fabi talc is also suitable for house hold appliances and garden furniture, providing excellent a esthetical properties in combination with high rigidity.

IMI Fabi Talc gradesfor white goods

IMI Fabi has a variety of products suitable for whiteware applications. According to the final requested performances, two families of products can be offered: HTP and BT.
HTP products are characterized by extremely high whiteness and pureness and they are recommended for most stringent specifications in terms of whiteness and long term heat ageing.
BT family is cost-effective functional filler whichcan fulfill most of the requirements for whitewareapplications.

Stiffness enhancement on homoPP
Unlike other typical white mineral fillers used as extenders in white goods, talc has the advantage in providing significant specific increment in stiffness with relatively neutral behaviour on white color (limited yellow tone).
IMI Fabi talc can be also used in combination with other fillers to achieve the optimal compromise between mechanical performances and formulation cost.
Both HTP and BT talc grades are also suitable formany other applications where light colors arerequested. For example they can be used for gardenfurniture and small household appliances.
IMI Fabi talc grade Example of application
HTP4 BT2207 dishwasher
washing machine
tumble drier
household appliances
garden furniture
HTP2 BT2203 dishwasher
washing machine
tumble drier
household appliances
garden furniture

Customer support

IMI Fabi has an application laboratory dedicated to polymer applications. Our team is keen to assist polymer manufacturers in selecting the most suitable talc grades relevant for their final applications.
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