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Minerals Day 2019

The seventh edition of IMI Fabi’s Minerals Day has been successfully completed. Thanks to presence of the mining industry and related associations, the Minerals Day constantly enhances the importance of functional minerals in everyday’ s life. Its audience has therefore increased over the years.

The mining sector is in line with the main sustainable guidelines, thus creating added value through the development of a circular economy aimed at improving product performance while reducing waste, CO2 emissions and preserving biodiversity. This year, the event-key message, highlighted the economic importance of mining sector over the territory.

This sector is in fact aiming at developing a safe and automated industry, carrying out the highest standards for innovative products and specialized professional opportunities.

"Pursuing an eco-friendly culture is a main target for companies involved  in mining industry, especially  in today’s socio-economic environment – assesses Corrado Fabi, CEO of the IMI Fabi Group - in this regard, IMI Fabi has developed lines of products aimed at reducing waste, increasing their performance in forefronts areas; markets not yet mature few years ago and becoming more and more strategic and sustainable in the current decade.

We therefore have the responsibility to conceive a business model that includes sustainable development in every single process, also considering the future regulations framework – adds Corrado Fabi - a strong help can be given, for instance by 4.0 technology, that allows to implement automation and process control to guarantee more and more eco-sustainable practices. The involvement of the stakeholders in Corporate Social Responsibility – ends up Corrado Fabi - is therefore essential for creating synergy over the territory, with the goal to achieve together  the targets set by 2030 on CO2 emissions reduction, on increasing energy efficiency and on the use of renewable energies". IMI Fabi has planned many events for this EMD 2019, a leading, sustainable and global company in the production of talc functional minerals. On September 20 and 21 several visits were carried out to Sa 'Matta Mine, Orani (NU) and Brusada- Ponticelli-Valbrutta Mine, Lanzada (SO).

On September 20, 2019, 22 pupils  and 2 teachers  of  the primary school of  Orani (NU), could  visit Sa’ Matta mining sites and restore  the mine surroundings  by planting  new trees with the help and professionality of the Forest Corps.

During the event the children were able to adopt their own trees. After having planted them into the ground, the operators hanged small numbered medals on the trees and gifted the related numbered medals to the pupils. In this way, each child  will be able to identify his own tree by checking the corresponding number.

Furthermore, the children who attended the event will be able to take care of their tree by visiting it whenever they want.

The same day, also  Brusada-Ponticelli-Valbrutta Mine in Lanzada (SO)  planned several activities for  85 children that attended the event. The event started with    "The gardener’s corner" with the naturalist Dr. Speziale aimed at discovering the nature trail dedicated to biodiversity  and new trees planting, exploring  at the same time the world of talc in the evocative setting of the Brusada-Ponticelli-Valbrutta mine.

The day ended up with the spectacular performance of CAI Valmalenco Choir conducted by the renowned master Mr. Pegorari with about 65 attendants, including the mayor of Lanzada  Mr. Cristian Nana.

On September 21, 2019 the open days recorded respectively 89 visitors to Sa’ Matta and 48  to Brusada-Ponticelli-Valbrutta

Finally, we herewith highlight that IMI Fabi exhibited in the same days to  "Cortes Apertas" Orani (NU) , an event dedicated to local crafts, art and slow-food culture (21 and 22 September 2019),  where around 400 visitors were recorded.

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