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Miners just for one day 2017

Sa' Matta - Orani (NU) - Italy


On May 04, 2017 the Sa’ Matta Mine located at Orani (NU), hosted the primary and secondary schools of Orani, Oniferi and Sarule.

The pupils had the opportunity to discover the territory of Orani, well known since the Neolithic for the presence of steatite and nowadays rich of important kind of minerals such as talc.

The event took place at Sa’ Matta and was aimed at visiting the mine production cycle; in this frame all the extraction phases were explained.

First, the children were instructed on adopted safety procedures, then they reached the observation point on the top of the hill where they could observe the mining activities below.

Afterwards the pupils, walking towards the mine, got to the underground mine and knew how talc is extracted.

IMI Fabi believes it is very important to explain to the future generations how sustainable development is regularly applied in the mining process, therefore creating positive synergy with all the stakeholders.

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