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Strategic Intent

IMI Fabi’s vision clearly states that sustainability is a basic part of its corporate strategic positioning. The group’s value chain, in addition to financial indexes, highlights variables like customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, research and development, sustainable marketing and related investments. Thanks to defined supplying and distribution networks strategically individuated by the appointed managers, IMI Fabi optimizes all its business processes. In particular enterprise resource planning (ERP) together with material requirement planning (MRP), fine-tune  each process flow. Finally, the creation of logistic platforms creates improved supply flexibility and capacity. 


ESG together with a responsible and transparent communication strategy, is the company core policy. In its company practises, IMI Fabi pays particular attention to monitoring consumption, reduce waste, minimize environmental impact and promote cooperation with all the local communities. IMI Fabi strengthens its commitment towards sustainability through its investments in renewable energy aiming at reducing CO2 emissions. As far as possible, IMI Fabi applies a circular production cycle enhancing sectors connected to recycling.  Furthermore, IMI Fabi supports programs aimed at the conservation of biodiversity throughout the territory. Company investments create high quality and innovative products with the target of being the first to market when required. The QESHEn management systems are the pillars of the corporate culture, which aims at continuous improvement. Strategic plans, whose effectiveness is periodically measured, allow IMI Fabi’s stakeholders to achieve the maximum benefit from any partnership with the group.
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