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National Mine's Day 2023

The fifteenth edition of the National Mines’ Day recently took place on May 2023. The small city of Lanzada promoted several events concernig the geological tourism along the valley.

This initiative is a part of a bigger project called B-ICE Heritage, the interregional project that highlights geological resources both in the Italian and Swiss areas around the Bernina Peak, Valmalenco Poschiavo, Engadine and Val Bregaglia. In this wonderful frame, the economic and cultural resources of these valleys, together with their working heritage, have been therefore duly described.

The program was conceived with different activities and workshops aiming at teaching the ancient art of soapstone and serpentine sculpturing and several guided tours to quarries, mines and museums.

The Brusada-Ponticelli-Valbrutta mine hosted the CAI choir of Valmalenco and Sondrio whereas at the Bagnada Mine was scheduled a concert of the singers Elisabetta Viviani and Claudio Damiani.

Furthermore, the primary school of Valmalenco could visit the disused mine of Bagnada and related digital museum. Finally, various workshop have been planned   aimed at teaching the ancient art of soapstone and serpentine sculpture and various guided visits to museums.

IMI Fabi was therefore glad to be part of these initiatives.

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