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Polyester putties

Polyester putties are widely used in car, wood andstone repairs.
Car repairs are the largest application area for body fillers.
Talc is an important ingredient in the repair process and has a heavy influence on the balance between the mechanical and critical optical requirements while keeping the repair process competitive.
IMI FABI SPA offers dedicated talc products which enable selection of the right talc grades fitting with each step of the repair and refinishing process.

IMI Fabi Talc grades for polyester putties

Polyester body fillers or polyester putties are part of a complete repair system. They are mainly used in the automotive industry, but wood repair and stone repair should also be considered.
The purpose of putty is to fill irregularities, damages and all kind of defects in a substrate in order to obtain a smooth and clean surface ready for painting.
The smoothness and the regularity of the surface are essential in avoiding any visible differences between the original non damaged substrate and the newly repaired one.
Talc is a very important ingredient in body fillers and can reach up to 50% of the formula. The right selection of talc is critical in guaranteeing the right mechanical properties in competitive conditions.
In addition to the visible aspects, talc provides the equired level of sandability and plasticity while preserving or improving other properties like elasticity, adhesion and viscosity.
Each step of the repair process has its specific application method and technical constraints. Talc needs to be selected according to these constraints. For instance, the first putty layer applied by a knife can be formulated with a coarse talc whereas the final sprayed filler requires finer talc grades.

IMI Fabi Talc Grades       Examples of application
CM2P - Microfil HC2 Spray application - White - low VOC’s
SM4 - CHD6 Conventional knife-applied
HTP3/7 Coarse white-low VOC’s
By combining the widest range of mineralogical varieties with its state of the art size reduction technology, IMI FABI offers a complete portfolio of talc dedicated to polyester putty applications.

By a careful and appropriate selection from the IMI Fabi portfolio, you can choose grades which:
• Provide good sandability and a smooth surface;
• Enhance the adhesion;
• Help reduce V.O.C emissions;
• Assure good storage stability;
• Help adapt the whiteness of the putty.


Talc in adhesives plays a relevant role as it contributes to extend formulation cost, providing some extra performances Being acid insoluble, talc can be easily formulated in many different finished products.
Talc minimizes the crack formation in thick adhesive layers and increases sandability and smooth appearance. Because of its platy shape, talc works also as a rehological modifier in some formulations.

IMI Fabi Talc Grades  Examples of application
CHS4 Adhesives
CHD4 Adhesives 

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