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SPE Automotive - TPO Conference 2017 Shanghai. PRC

Most of leaders in automotive-engineered polyolefins, met  at the Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre from March 28 to 30, 2017.

The global conference focused on new developments in TPO, TPE and TPVs has been conceived by SPE to boost worldwide business networking.

During this event keynote speakers shared presentations highlighting improvements in technology, application of materials and market trends.

IMI Fabi as a leading and reliable partner in the production of talc, took part at this forum  to show its broad portfolio of talc grades intended to thermoplastic polymers

IMI Fabi  displayed  its abstract on  product HTP1s, a novel talc additive for smart polymer processing. In polymer modification, when high flow-ability and dust free behavior are requested for additives, the new talc additive HTP1s can be the answer. Where ever talc is considered as functional additive for polymers, the advantage of this novel product is that its bulk handling is visibly improved, with strong advantages for dosing,  and blending with other additives (i.e. in pre-mixes).

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