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Brusada-Ponticelli-Valbrutta mine
new investments.

Postalesio – December 21, 2017 IMI Fabi is pleased to announce the completion of  the new crushing plant at Brusada-Ponticelli-Valbrutta mine in Lanzada, Italy.

IMI Fabi is currently renovating the external silo and related ore transport operations. The new underground crushing plant has been recently accomplished whereas the new external silo will be ready in the coming months.

Furthermore, a new talc ore body will be reached assuring a steady supply of raw material with regards to quality and capacity for the long term. The recent  renewal of the mining lease of "Sasso Della Pradaccia" aims in fact at achieving the same goal.

During  2018  a Wi Fi system will be installed to develop highly efficient and competitive automation processes and improve communication between operators during the different working phases.

This is a first step towards the industry 4.0. principles.

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