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Australia new fleet of mobile equipment

IMI Fabi is pleased to announce, after 1-year operation of its new processing facility at Mount Seabrook talc mine in Western Australia, the recent acquisition of a complete fleet of mobile equipment to sustain its site.

The brand-new fleet, replacing obsolete or rental equipment, includes Caterpillar Wheel loader, Excavator, Bobcat, Grader and Water truck.

It will allow to improve the efficiency of site by  assisting the sorting plant operation, the movement of material (ROM, Gwaliastock, Tailings and Rejects) and the maintenance of site roads.

This mobile fleet will be followed, in 2019, by the installation of a new semi-mobile screen and in a second stage of a crusher to improve the reprocessing of the old Gwalia stock and prepare the opening of the talc mine.

Acquisition of further mobile equipment is also foreseen in 2020 for talc mining.
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