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Mount Seabrook mine acquisition 

The acquisition of Mount Seabrook mine started in 1996 when IMI Fabi Australia was established by acquiring 50% of the Mount Seabrook open pit mine, a large white deposit of talc located at approximately 700 km from the port of Geraldton, a very important trading point. The second step of this operation was concluded on July 01, 2011 when a new strategic objective was reached by the acquisition of the remaining 50% of Mount Seabrook mine.

“We believe that the discernment of any management lies in the ability to identify the challenges that the market suddenly offers. These opportunities are to be seized with courage in order to allow companies to innovate and survive in the actual global scenario” asserts Corrado Fabi Chief Executive Officer of the company.

With its huge reserves of pure talc, the Mount Seabrook mine represents a key investment for the company, since the economic trend is fairly characterized by a surplus of demand, the decision to invest in that sense can therefore result particularly reassuring for all the company's stakeholders, who needs to be ensured by long-term continuity of supply.
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