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Let's bloom the world 

IMI Fabi forest is born

IMI Fabi has the pleasure to announce its cooperation with Treedom in developing a new project aiming at creating a company forest.  The launch of this project is planned for the tradeshow K 2022 in Duesseldorf (DE). The exhibition Center of Duesseldorf will open its doors for the well-known K 2022 from October 19th to 26th, this year with a particular focus on on  circular economy, digitalization and climate protection.

this forest will absorb 40.38 t* of CO₂.

The "Let’s bloom the world" project   aims to raise awareness among IMI Fabi visitors during the trade fair events regarding the carbon footprint generated during the same. By receiving a tree as a gift, the visitor will be an active part of this project by becoming a virtual keeper of the same tree and establishing a connection with it, with the IMI Fabi’s Forest and with the planet. IMI Fabi will be also happy   to grant a jar of honey, coming from the company’s bees placed in ten colorful beehives close to the Mine of Brusada-Ponticelli-Valbrutta.

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