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Sa' Matta, Su' Venosu and Monte Nieddu plant acqusition.

The IMI Fabi group marks a new milestone in their Global Growth Plan with the acquisition of new mining and manufacturing operations in Sardinia.
By transferring the mining leases, effective January 1st 2009, the acquisition of "Sa Matta" and "Su Venoso" mines and "Monte Nieddu" processing plant is finally concluded.
The newly acquired operations are located at the center of the island of Sardinia , in the mining district of Orani (Nu). The mining activities at this facility provide an important source of talc and steatite ore and have been in operation since 1924. Sardinian talc is well known in international markets and is utilized in a wide range of industrial applications globally. The new mines will secure new ore resources for the group together with additional products added to the current products available from IMI Fabi.
These new products are designed to meet the needs of new market segments and sectors as well as define important new application targets within the corporate strategy at IMI Fabi. IMI Fabi is committed to achieve these corporate goals according to a Sustainable Development Program and with the implementation of strict Quality and HSE ISO management systems.
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