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Sa' Matta Mine moving to underground.

The project “Tunnel feasibility study" starts in September 2012, with the purpose of givinga new dimension to Sa’ Matta mining reality.
The first step towards its implementation takes place with the laying of the reinforcedconcrete floor at the bottom of the pit in December 2012 and is consolidated by buildingthe header of the tunnel in the early months of 2013. Finally, this crucial stage ends upwith the achievement of the talc deposit in October 2013.

"Thanks to the determination and professionalism of the entire management andoperators, we achieve a relevant goal that allows the company to innovate in the long term– asserts Corrado Fabi CEO of IMI FABI - in addition, this new phase creates newguarantees for the stakeholders, both in terms of operational continuity on the territoryand supply reliability of the group”.

By making investments aimed at adding value to the ore body, IMI Fabi proves onceagain to be a sensitive business partner towards environmental requirements and localcommunities, while strengthening market competitive position through the creation ofstrategic assets.
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