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Magnesita Talc Business acquisition

Postalesio - December 15, 2016 - IMI Fabi is pleased to announce the acquisition of Magnesita Refratarios S.A. talc business located in Brumado – Bahia - Brazil.

As a part of its continuing expansion and mission, the new business unit will improve IMI Fabi’s growth, since this operation concerns one of the biggest reserve of white talc in the world, including facilities, important research centres and innovative product portfolio.

United by a common business culture, this takeover  will certainly strengthen IMI Fabi’s brand enhancing   its future performances and bring in excellent products and services to our customers.

“This transaction will be leading IMI Fabi into innovative polices of products and distribution” - asserts Corrado Fabi,  Chief Executive Officer at IMI Fabi - “ as this investment is certainly proactive and aiming at improving the strategic intent to supply new  markets segments. IMI Fabi underlines its constant commitment in being a long term and reliable business partner by developing sustainable and innovative strategic resources”.

The pure talc ore is located near crucial trading points creating therefore a strategic advantage for IMI Fabi and boosting its distribution and supplying networks.

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